Event – Art Of Crochet & Jazz – 16/10/2023

Greetings and blessings, creative souls!

This is Legin and I’d like to personally thank you for becoming a part of the Art Of Crochet community.

I am particularly excited to extend an invitation to you to share my birthday celebration with us on Monday, Oct. 16th at the iconic Drake Hotel for our 8th Art Of Crochet & Jazz social. This event will start at 6:30 pm and will enrich your spirit with creativity, harmony, and overall well-being, in a positive atmosphere.

As always I’m honoured to be joined by Khepe-Ra, The Chmst & iBlend Sound making it extra wavy, spinning a vinyl set. As well as a few special guests.

If you have any concerns about your crochet skills, rest assured that our welcoming and supportive Legin Knits team will be on hand to assist you, no matter your level of experience. And for those who already have a crochet practice, we have something cool, fun, and inspiring in store for you this time.

Let’s make this the most remarkable one yet…