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Legin Knits is about pushing the unique and timeless craft of crocheting. Based on our philosophy and dedication to the craft, we don’t compromise on materials or quality. The products we create are made to wear and made to last.

Each Custom Product is individually priced, made unique to our clients’ specifications and needs. Prices will vary according to size, detail, style, material, etc. Complete the form below to inquire about your made-to-order request.


  • Prices will vary based on the complexity and details of the project.
  • Design services are separately priced as an additional fee.
  • Clients must provide the base product for re-crafting.
  • Please fill out the request form in all fields. Orders created with missing fields will NOT be considered. Once a request form has been fully submitted, received, & chosen, you will receive a detailed reply via email regarding the specifics of your product.
  • Order typically ships between 14 to 21 business days, depending on project specifics.
  • All appointments are confirmed after deposits are received. All deposits are final and non-refundable.
  • We are grateful for every request. However, due to a high volume of demand not all projects will be taken on.

Custom Quote Form:

PLEASE NOTE: ORIGINAL means we crochet to make item from scratch. UPLIFTED means we upgrade/upcycle already made items with crochet (items must be of good quality and in mint condition)!

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