LEGIN KNITS founder and owner Nigel “Legin” John learned the craft of crochet, creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, using a crochet hook, from a Rastaman in San Fernando, Trinidad 20 years ago. Since then his passion for the craft has allowed him to continue to grow and innovate and expand his product offering. The fruits of his love for this art form can now be seen on streets across the globe.


Quality yarns, fabrics and detailed workmanship is our signature and a distinctive attribute to all LEGIN KNITS products. With a firm reliance on hand-craftsmanship, LEGIN KNITS custom creations are made to perfection and built to last.


LEGIN KNITS has taken the age old craft of crochet and knit and modernized it through the application of Nigel “Legin” John’s creative skill and imagination. As with many grassroots cultural movements, there is a constant state of evolution of style and creative direction. The types of clothing produced commonly center on casual comfortable pieces. Blending streetwear, crochet/knitwear and Rastawear, we’ve created a NEW category. Remixing, customizing and creating new, unique and individualized pieces. This is the LEGIN KNITS way. Individuality is Royalty.