Life is an Art. The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. The manifestation of your hopes and dreams. A journey. Craft it. At LEGIN KNITS we believe that each and every human being deserves the right to be FREE. To be themselves and to express themselves in their own unique way.

The first step towards achieving this freedom lies in awareness and the willingness to change. To be truly aware of who we are, and embrace all of the possibilities that entails. To use our own minds and our own bodies, to live our own lives.

We also require discipline over the war in our minds. The discipline it takes to be ourselves, no matter what.

At LEGIN KNITS we believe that Individuality is Royalty.

LEGIN KNITS clothing and apparel is a way of life. Where you live and embrace your own truth. Where you are empowered to be yourself, to be Royal. Some see ART, some see FASHION. Founder and Owner Nigel “Legin” John sees a continuous thread that he can create into anything he desires, without limitations. A thread that binds humanity.



The Lion is symbolic of leadership and the initiative required to achieve this role in whatever area of our lives we choose. At LEGIN KNITS we believe that we must first look at becoming the leader of ourselves, before we look to lead others. We encourage this truth. The lion head logo displays the full mane, offering a sense of royalty and individuality, which we find within every man, woman and child that wears our products.


At LEGIN KNITS the Red, Gold and Green color palette, which can be found detailed on all of our products, signifies Roots, Culture and Diversity. We all share common ROOTS, a common birthplace, a single point of origin- EARTH. This is how our collective story begins. The LEGIN KNITS brand and legacy is rooted in the teachings of this blessed craft by a Rastafarian and we thank him for his gift to us and honour him with these colors. Once we first respect where we come from, we can truly value where we are going.